Meeting the needs of your team

Adaptive Learning from Adaptos is designed to meet the needs of every member of your team, from the newest intern to the X10 Developer, through continuous assessment and the provision of focused content.

Meeting the needs of your company

A modern business can ill afford the time needed to train its staff. Every day a team member spends on a training course is a day of lost productivity. At Adaptos we endeavour to provide training that is flexible and adaptive to your needs, to minimise the impact of staff absence by minimising that absence itself. Our training courses are constructed to work with your teams and your organisation rather than against them.

Improved Information Retention

A typical training course requires attendees to spend up to a week of constant, high-paced learning with little practical application. At Adaptos we have found that little of that learning is retained, and that attendees often have to re-learn on the job. Our courses are built to take advantage of this on-the-job learning by encouraging immediate application of every new skill. This leads to higher information retention and greater effectiveness amongst your teams.

Courses Available

Adopting Reactive Microservices

Simplicity Itself delivers training in Microservices techniques, processes and technologies.

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Advanced Reactive Microservices

Building on Adopting Reactive MIcroservices, Simplicity Itself delivers advanced training in microservices techniques, processes and technologies.


Tell Us What Training You're Looking For

We can provide courses to your specifications, tailored to the needs and varied skills of your team. Anything from a short, high-intensity course to long-term training.

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