In traditional learning, a single source of wisdom dispenses a one-size-fits-all lesson.

No two people are the same, and it follows that no two learners will be at the same level.

One size will not fit all.

Adaptive Learning is an ongoing process of engagement between the organisation, the learner and the course provider.

The Organisation

An organisation can ill afford to lose a team for days at a time on training courses. They must learn skills whilst burdered with a heavy existing workload, tight deadlines and little time available to staff development.

Adaptos understands these demands, and we actively work with delegates by encouraging cooperation and personal investment in organisational goals.

The Learner

No two learners are alike. By necessity, existing training methods assume that they must be and forces learners into pre-defined roles that rarely fit. It would be as if there were only two sizes of shoe available. They would fit a few, but the majority would be unable to wear them for long. Abandonment of poorly-acquired skill is a common phenomenon in traditional training regimes.

We recognise and work with the differing needs of the learner, adapting to their level of comprehension on a subject and bringing up to where they need to me. Their training is monitored to ensure the learning being delivered is effective, and that it is retained. Do the shoes fit? Are they the correct sort? And most important: is the user still wearing them?

The Training

As with learners and organisations, the requirements of any training course are unique. Our methods reflect this truth. Some organisations require short, intensive bursts of training in a few days, whilst others may wish to have the workload spread out to fit around the ongoing needs of their staff, or may wish to engage in entirely online learning.

The common element to all of our training is ongoing assessment.

We ascertain each learner's relative skill and ability and tailor the course around both their needs and the needs of the organisation;

We continue to monitor learners throughout the course to ensure they are fully engaged and that real learning is taking place;

We re-assess at the conclusion of the delivery, and if it helps the organisation we return to evalute the long-term effectiveness of the learning process.

Our extended learning engagements result in greater retention of information and an improved return on investment. We have researched the most effective methods of learning by combining best practices from academia, technology and other market sectors

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