Introduction to Groovy



2 hour webinar

3 x 4–6 hour instructor-led learning units

Final Webinar

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Interested in getting a sound understanding of the Groovy programming language and its core concepts and APIs? This course is designed to do just that for anyone with experience of object-oriented languages, whether that’s on the JVM or not. You’ll learn how it makes for an effective cross-platform scripting language and how you can incorporate it in a mixed language project for writing both tests and application code.


Knowledge of at least one other OO language; familiarity with the JVM and Java class library is helpful, but not essential.

Course Overview

By the end of the course you will have learned how to:

  • Use Groovy for cross-platform scripting and application development
  • Integrate Groovy into IDEs and build tools
  • Use closures for functional-style programming
  • Take advantage of Groovy's dynamic behaviour
  • Incorporate static type checking
  • Use Spock for unit testing

Course Outline

learning unit #1

  • Installing Groovy and using its tools
  • Working with the core types (numbers, strings, collections, etc.)
  • Diagnosing and handling errors
  • Classes, interfaces, and traits

learning unit #2

  • Defining and using closures
  • Processing collections, maps and files with closures
  • Basic unit testing with the Spock framework

learning unit #3

  • Using types with dynamic behaviour
  • Parsing and generating JSON and XML
  • Exploring techniques for modifying behaviour at runtime
  • Enabling static type checking and static compilation

Training Delivery

The primary mechanism is guided self-learning, using the following methods:
  • Instructor-led training
  • Live webinars
  • Exercise-driven learning learning units
  • Ongoing instructor support and individual code review
  • Peer communication and support via Slack channel, Google Hangouts, and discourse forums
  • Individualised feedback on completion of course

Course Duration

Introduction to course – 2 hour webinar

3 x 4-6 hour instructor led learning units released over following 3 weeks by Instructor

Access to student Slack channel, Google hangouts, discourse forums

Final review – 30 min webinar


£780.00 plus VAT for individuals.

Prices on application for organisations; for further information please contact us.